shameless plug for another event that we promote

peewee event holeshot sponsors

(if you have a business that would like to sponsor a particular class' holeshot awards, please contact us)

provides series supplies & track supplies

provides various holeshot prizes, banquet awards, etc

2019 Event Sponsors

Provides an outstanding contingency program for our racers, loads of banquet awards, track supplies & various event holeshot prizes (plus they have the coolest gear available)

more's official scoring software (the best there is)

onsite support for our racers

The following are MORE's 2019 Series Sponsors!  These companies are the ones supporting off-road racing in the Midwest!  When you are making the decision about where to purchase your gear, parts, bikes, etc...please send your business their way!  ​Click on logos to visit their websites...and tell them "thanks for supporting the MORE series"!!