5/19/19 Yes!!!  Round 1 is in the books & what a great weekend of racing we had!  BIG thanks to the Thorpe family at Thayer Extreme MX for hosting us, to LSK Lebanon for sponsoring our season opener, to FLY Racing for providing holeshot awards & to all of you who attended!  Results are now posted! ​ 

4/25/19 Hey All! BIG thanks to all of you that represented MORE at the Off-Road Cup!!!  It was SOOOO great to see you all there!!  And, now it's almost time to get the MORE season rollin'!!!  Be sure to read our 2019 HELPFUL HINTS & don't forget to register for the FLY Contingency Program before the first race!! The form is on the Schedule page (if you need ANY help, please let me know - I will get you signed up if you get me your receipt)!!  Number registration is still open as well.  We have holeshot sponsors in place for all PeeWee classes (50s are ProudSis, 65s are American Tile & Stone, 85s are Hamilton & Dad).  PGS will be providing holeshot awards for our B Short class as well.  If anyone would like to sponsor holeshot awards for a particular class for the 2019 season, please let us know.  Also, look around the website as I've made some upgrades...be sure to check out the SPONSOR page because those are the people that help us make this all happen!  We will keep this page as a scrolling blog so always check here for updated news & important info!